In Itinere

IN ITINERE means “on the way” in Latin. Slow strolling promotes encounters and discoveries. Some touch you, make you think, leave their mark and change you forever. Behind In Itinere hides the designer Fanchon.
From her understanding of the forms offered by nature to the subjects of society, she wants her jewellery to be a testimony of the world that surround us. Aesthetic pieces which carry messages.
Inspired by her different travels around the world and her daily life, she likes to explore different themes in her own personal way.
She enjoys mixing different skills such as metalwork, sewing and bobbin lace and she enjoys experimenting.


2018 Creation of the collective La Banquette Bleue –Workshop&shop – Lyon

Give rise to In Itinere

2016 Bicycle trip (Europe-Asia)

2015 Jeweller – CORINGER – subcontracting workshop Place Vendôme – Paris

2012 Prix INMA Avenirs Métiers d’Art – 2nd of Regional award of Rhônes-Alpes

Award – Félix Rollet – Rotary Club – Laureate

2012 DMA Art du Bijou et du Joyau (Jury congratulations) Lycée professionnel SEPR – Lyon

2011 Internship with Ornella Iannuzzi – Contemporary jewellery – London

Internship at ATELIER DE L’OBJET – High jewellery – Paris

2010 BMA Art du Bijou et du Joyau (Art of jewellery and gem) – Ecole BOULLE – Paris

2009 Internship at CAPET – High jewellery – Paris

Internship at Van Cleef and Arpels – Place Vendôme – Paris

2008 CAP Art du Bijou et du Joyau (Art of jewellery and gem)  – Ecole BOULLE – Paris